The Self-Healing Star *Light* Monthly Private Premium Program

Your Soul Development begins with healing your inner wounds: mainly, to forgive yourself and to forgive others.

This exciting new monthly healing program is for those who are new to deep inner work but feel the calling to start overcoming negative cycles and patterns in their lives.

The program is rolling from one month to the next and you may decide for yourself, how long you’d like to continue. There is no long term commitment.

If you would like to heal and empower your life in the in the most powerful, time and cost -effective way, the Personalised Premium Programs have been designed just for you.


This monthly VIP self-healing program includes:

– Two powerful, one on one consultations a month, with the following elements: soul development mentoring, narayana energy healing & recharge, akashic reading & mediumship connections –  60-90 minutes long (value of $250/consultation = $500)

To read more about the one on one consultations, please click here.

– Personalised assignments for you to release negative experiences, blocked emotions, and self-limiting believes that hold you back (value of $250/consultation = $500)

– Consultations via email every other week to share your progress and to ask any questions you may have (value of $199/consultation = $398 in total)


What are the benefits of joining the programme?

* you’ll experince a sense of freedom and relief as you let go of negative experiences

* you’ll allow more good to happen to you

* you’ll experience more love for yourself and a new sense of inner peace

* you’ll be more open to form new relationships or harmonise current ones

* you’ll experience more energy and clearity in your every-day life

* you’ll feel more connected to your entire inner being



 How much does it cost?

* Total Program Value is over $1300*

Special offer price!

*** Pay only $1200/month, when you book and pay three months in total*** 

Book your first, introductory session now for only $250!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to receive amazing healing energy, re-connect to the beautiful power of your soul and learn more about the ongoing programme.

To find out more about the consultation click here. 

I look forward to working with you.

Much love


International Soul Development Expert, Tutor, Mentor and Coach