Introductory Consultation



During the introductory consultation I use my abilities to connect to your inner being and provide you with clear information and guidance on your current life situation. Through a heart to heart connection we establish an energy field, in which it is safe and comfortable to share and discuss what is going on within you.

I also pass on soul level information that I receive through the vibration of love and the consultation is either a beautiful journey in the vast world of your spirit, or we focus on areas of your choice such as romantic or family life, career and soul purpose, self development or spiritual awakening.

The consultation offers many healing qualities as well as providing guidance to overcome challenges in your life. The session is approximately 60-90 minutes long.

Following the consultation, you may decide to join one of my soul development programmes.

Special offer price for the introductory session: only $250!

Only one introductory session per person.

Get in touch to arrange a time for your session.

I look forward to connecting to you.


Your Tutor, Mentor and Coach