The Glow to Grow

The Glow to Grow Mastership Program, as the name suggests, is all about mastering your abilities, your special gifts of light.

The Program Curriculum is quite broad.

Your own talents, skills and preferences will make it personalised.

However, we go through major learning and development areas, therefore the program is very thorough and in-depth.

In time, you’ll find your own unique skill-set, and you’ll be a master of these.

Don’t worry if it all seems too much at once. In time, it is all going to fall into place.

Just be curious, and you’ll be all right!

Here is a programme outline, only to give you an idea of what we’ll be covering:

  1. Learn to deeply connect to your Inner Being and Harmonise Your Inner World.
  2. Create a map of your Magical World of Intuition and start building a relationship with you Higher Self, Angels and Guides
  3. Grow strong connections within and around. Develop a strong working relationship with your Higher Self, Angels and Guides
  4. Discover you areas of interest. Dive right in.
  5. Start creating your own magic: practice, practice and practice.
  6. Let go of fears related to your higher purpose. Start realising your profession.
  7. Mastering abilities: intuition, mediumship, and energy work. (This may take several weeks.)
  8. Understand your boundaries and ethics. Get to know your level of awareness.
  9. Introduction to providing reading and guidance sessions for others.
  10. Learn to use and create tools.
  11. How to set up your very own consultation practice.
  12. How to start asking for what you give.

The Programme Curriculum may change, according to the needs of the individuals and groups.

How long does it take?

We focus on the results, instead of the trying to fit it all into expectations.

Generally it takes about a year, for one to become a professional, or a strong guiding light for others.

Each programme content takes about a month to process and is supported by group coaching sessions, weekly live practice opportunities, and  Holistic Mentoring Consultations .

What are the Programme Elements?

* 12 x 60-90 minute master mentoring consultations (value of $399/consultation = $4788 in total)

The master mentoring consultations are there to support you in growing and glowing your light the most powerful way and to realise your inner purpose.

* 12 x 60-90 minute mastership group coaching sessions (value of $199/session = $2394 in total)

The mastership group coaching sessions will be held 12 times a year, to enable sharing of experiences, to charge you with supporting energy and to answer any questions you may have.

The small group setting (4-6 people) maximise group learning in a meaningful way.
* 12 x Learning and development contents, including secret teachings, audio and video tutorials, manifestation exercises, transformational assignments, written study materials and workbooks as well as powerful meditation exercises for self-healing (value of $399/content = $4788 in total)

The learning and development contents will be made available to you every month. You’ll have sufficient time to study and practice, as well as enough time to complete your assignments.
* Access to my VIP (Diamond) community for rapid intuition development for the period of twelve months (monthly membership fee $299/month = $3588 in total)

The Infinite Intuition Network is a loving, peaceful and supportive community, where you’ll have the opportunity to practice your developing intuition and the opening of your gifts of light, in a safe setting.

* Email consultations each week to support your self-healing, learning and development process ($99/week = $5148 in total)

How much does it cost?

The total value of the programme is over $20,000! However,

The Mastership Program participation opportunity is now offered to you half price, only at $9999 for the entire programme of twelve months, when paid in full!

A payment plan option of 12 x $999,9 is also available (A total of $11999).

How to apply?

You are required to complete the Live to Glow Program first.

Even if you have been working as a professional before.

It’s because the Live to Glow Program takes you through a cleansing and self-awareness process before you are introduced to working as a guide.

What to do next?

Book you Introductory Consultation and explore what the Gifts of Light University Programmes have to offer for you.

I look forward to connecting to you soon.

Much love,

Edith Monique Sarvash

Your Tutor, Mentor and Coach