The “Transform Your Life” 6 Months VIP Program



Are you ready to come out of suffering and trapped situations?

Would you like to live a happier and more fulfilled life?

Are you brave enough to learn to see the truth?

Would you just go for all your heart’s desires?

Then join my brand new “Transform Your Life!” VIP Program!



What is the “Transform Your Life!” VIP Program about?

The “Transform Your Life!” VIP Program is a powerful, all in one, person-centred soul development programme that includes holistic coaching, learning & deep inner work, as well as empowerment through lots of practise opportunities.

The main purpose of the program is to lead you back to your original state of being; to support you in overcoming your karmic ties; and to help you transform your life.

The program offers the opportunity for participants to:

  • learn and practise amazing and exceptionally powerful techniques to heal and empower their life
  • connect to their inner power and to learn to listen to their wise inner voice
  • start living their true life and soul purpose
  • make decisions that lead them to living their heart’s true desires



As a result of this life transformation programme, you will:

  • be better able to overcome your fears, negative cycles and experiences
  • discover your true potential thus learning to be led by your inner power
  • work on realising your short and medium terms goals and dreams, making your own life and that of others more fulfilled
  • create the life you desire by setting the foundation of values and going through deep transformation

Who is the “Transform your life!” VIP Program for?

  • This program has especially been designed for men in mind
  • Ideal for those who are ready to change their lives, create the future they desire and manifest their dreams
  • For those who are prepared to face their own shadow and inner wounds in order to heal them
  • For those who want to transform their life to be happier, more at peace and live a more loving and prosperous life


How long does the program take?

The program takes place over a six month period, but the results you can achieve depend on how much energy you are prepared to put in and how much you have worked on your inner healing before.

If you would like to continue our work together after the six month period, you can extend for another six months to start working on realising your higher purpose, too.

So what is included in the program?

  • Your own personal soul development programme, outlining your main areas of focus and your own pre-defined intentions (value of $199)
  • Two powerful, one on one consultations a month, with the following elements: soul development mentoring, narayana energy healing & recharge, akashic reading & mediumship connections –  60-90 minutes long (value of $250/consultation = $500 )
  • Personalised assignments and guided meditations for you to release negative experiences, blocked emotions, and self-limiting believes that hold you back (value of $250/consultation = $500 )
  • Consultations via email every other week to share your progress and to ask any questions you may have (value of $199/consultation = $398 in total)

How much does it cost?

The Total Value of the Programme is over $9 500!

However, your investment now is only $3999*, for a period of six months. This commitment is required to help you achieve lasting results in your life.

A payment plan option is available at $799/month ($4794 in total).

* * * Book your first consultation now for only $250! * * *

This is an excellent opportunity for you to receive amazing healing energy, re-connect to the beautiful power of your soul and learn more about the ongoing programme.

To find out more about the first consultation, please click here. 

I look forward to working with you.

Much love


Edith Monique Sarvash

Soul Development Expert, Tutor, Mentor and Coach