Vlog – Week 38 – Balance your Life


Balance your energies:

1. Light an orange candle

2. Ask “Which area of my life needs re-balancing?”

3. Ask “Which aspect of my life / this question needs re-balancing?”

4. Where can I find more support in the understanding? (tools and messengers)

5. Stare into the light of the candle and ask “what is blocking me from…?)

6. Wait, and record all your thoughts, visions, pictures, words you might get

7. Future snapshot: where am I when I am feeling more powerful? When I have resolved this issue? What does it feel like? What do I do? – what do you see in the candle light?

8. Affirm: you are going to get there.

9. Ask your intuition to send you instructions step by step.

Let me know if you would like to receive further support.

Level: intermediate (requires some experiences of psychic abilities)

however, mainly asks you to play with your imagination and don’t overcomplicate it with your mind. Just see what your inner child sees, as she plays this game “watching the light of magic”.




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