What is your ego?


Your ego is everything that you have learnt as a human and everything that is happened to you as a human.

Some aspects of your ego are “collective” barriers in humanity as a whole while others are specific to your nation, your community, your family, and finally your own self.

These past experiences, especially the negative ones, work as a mixture of programmes in your mind.

They condition your mind to think this way or to think that way.

You also carry much of human suffering in your soul, but that is mainly related to your human experiences as well, therefore control your mind.

When we say “heal your ego” we mean love your parts that are covered by shadow and haven’t been freed up by the light of love yet.

So there are a number of things you need to do parallel, in order to heal your ego, your shadow self (not to kill it or hate it, or destroy it!):

  • Heal your mind, through enlightenment. Better understand what has happened to you and what is happening to you know so you can change your behaviour patterns.
  • Heal your heart, your past negative hurts and fears. Experience yourself in the now. Recognise your emotions for what they are. Free up your emotional states from previous trauma.
  • Heal your soul, fill the void with light. Practice unconditional love for yourself, and then for others as well.

And what do you think is left, when your ego’s gone through much healing?

Well first you got the “nothingness” state when you lose your earthly personality and have no idea who you are any more. Because you are not what your parents thought you, not what your friends told you, not what your husband or wife mirrored to you.

So you set on a search to find who you really are.

In the process, you meet your higher self, but be careful. As your higher self start emerging you develop a different ego, that is the spiritual ego. Many “spiritual” people actually talk from the place of their spiritual ego and not from their enlightened state, or the centre of love.

In this way, many people mislead others. Please always be mindful of what you are told to believe in.

The healing never actually ends, you just start healing more and more people as part of your “self”.

As long as you don’t indentify with other people’s pain to save them you are strong enough to heal them.

The deeper you go in connection, the more you can heal the world around you.

The more you are able to heal, the deeper your connection is with humanity and the universe.

Through the Gifts of Light Distance Learning and Mentorship Programmes, I support you to go through this cleansing process, to free up your mind, heart and soul and to develop your very own connection to the Universe, thus receiving guidance through your intuition, your Guides and Angels.




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