How do you know you’ve met an Angel?

Angels are Love Energy Formations.


Imagine them as Stars.

Each Star has their own characteristic.

Something they’ve been practicing for long and they got very good at.

Angels are genderless. Their gender depends on your connection with them.


Each Star would like to help the Earth Star.


The Earth Star is you.


As you discover that you are one with light, you are letting go of much of your human suffering.


You are Clearing Your Earth Star Ray, through which you first ascend.


Once you get to that point of ascension you would have discovered your connection to the angels.

You would have had at least one encounter with them.


The Earth Star is Guided by Archangel Gabriel / Gabrielle.

But you also receive much encouragement from your own personal Guardian Angel and Archangel Ariel.


As you let go of negative energy, you have more opportunities and freedom to experience your true character, your earthly personality.

You also become more empathic to others and help them free themselves from human suffering.

These two happen parallel.


You know you’ve met an angel when you feel loved by a presence. They appear as a guiding light in your life.


They offer you wisdom, support and encouragement. They offer you love and protection. They heal you from within.

As you feel their light, you start remembering your own.

The more you feel it, the more you merge with the light.

This is how you grow your light within.

You let go of suffering and remember: You are one with Love. You are Love.



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