The Gifts of Light University

Integrated Learning, Development, Group Coaching and Holistic Mentorship Programmes

What is it?

The Gifts of Light University is soul development initiative, through which you are guided to discover who you are deep inside, thus lighting your life up and those of others.  The programme is built on a unique learning and development curriculum, supported by one on one holistic mentoring consultations and group coaching sessions.

The Live to Glow Foundation Program

is the first step in your soul’s development. It focuses on your own inner healing and empowerment. It prepares you for living a life from the place of love and offering your light to others.

The Glow to Grow Mastership Program

is for those who wish to master their special gifts of light and offer their services to others, either as a professional or through everyday life.

The VIP Programs

Additionally, private energy healing and mentorship programmes, so-called VIP Programms are also available, for your own focused individual personal and soul development. The VIP Programs are for those who would like to maximise their learning and growing by taking private classes, regular private consultations, or intense VIP Days and Retreats.

The University and its Programmes

help you to remember that you are an infinite being, made of light.

The programme contents are built for you as stepping-stones, guiding you towards the very Centre of your Inner Being.

How does it work?

All learners go through the same development process, although their journey is very unique to them. The programs are designed to support each individual in their own development.

The Programs are integrated, meaning they contain learning, development, group coaching and individual support elements: one on one mentoring sessions.

Some learning content is also available to be purhcased separately for those who don’t yet feel ready to sign up to the whole program. There are also a variety of additional tools available for learners. Please visit the Store to find out more. (*under development*)

What am I going to be learning / practicing?

You are going to be learing how to find your inner voice and follow the guidance of your higher self and angels.

To achieve this state, you will be doing much inner work, letting go of previous hurts, negative blocs and self-limiting beliefs.

Gifts of Light Practice Group

Through our practice community, the Infinite Intuition Network, you are offered practice exercises and practical learning opportunities with individual guidance and feedback, as well as the support of a community of like-minded individuals.

All students please start with the

Foundation Programme.

Even if you are interested in becoming a professional, the foundation programme as a place to start your development.

The Mastership Programme

is designed to offer much knowledge, guidance and practice opportunities for those who feel ready to heal others from their Heart.

Why Gifts of Light University?

The University and its programs are led by Light. We receive knowledge, information and guidance straight from the Universe. These are then recorded via video and audio sessions, meditation exercises as well as written study materials.

The programs enable you to ascend higher in vibration and as a result of that, live a happier, more balanced and prosperous life.

Live your Light, to Glow your Light, to Grow your Light

How to take part?

To find out more, please visit the first programme.

I look forward to working with you.



Edith Monique Sarvash

Your Tutor, Mentor and Coach